The True Meaning of Flexibility

animal communication

Today when I went to visit my horse Remington, I intended to try out a different saddle on him to make sure it fits us both.  It was a cold, very windy day….not our typical spring weather…felt more like a winter storm blowing in.  As I drove to the barn,  I realized I might have to change my plans……depending upon how my young, sometimes frisky horse was responding to the kind of weather that usually makes horses want to kick up their heels.

When I arrived and could feel Remy’s intensity, I realized that if I wanted to have a quiet ride on my boy, in a saddle he’s not used to, I needed to plan on doing that another day.  So instead, we played in the round pen and I turned him out where he could release his pent up need to run with the wind.

Being flexible is about more than just being willing to change plans.  It’s about finding the joy in changing plans.  When we become fixed on our ideas of how things should be….that’s when it’s a good time to step back, let it all go and allow the animals in our lives to remind us about the delicious spontaneity of change. 

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