The True Power of Our Thoughts

animal communication
Miss Bella Sending Me Loving Thoughts

Being an animal communicator means being a student of thought….watching, studying and becoming aware of not only the thoughts of animals and the people who love them, but also being acutely present with my own thought patterns.   It is so easy to get caught up in the day to day, distressing flurry of a thousand thoughts…the constant busy-ness of the brain and the continual on-slot of internal data which can flood our thinking.  Becoming the observer of our thoughts helps us step back and remember that we are not our thoughts…we are spiritual beings first and we can fill our minds with images of inner peace, healing and a sense of rightness in our lives.

I once had an Animal Communication session with a beautiful Golden Retriever who said of her beloved human (who was sitting right next to her) “She’s really loud!”.  At first I didn’t know how to interpret this….the woman had a quiet voice, a gentle demeanor.  I asked if the dog could give me a better understanding of what she meant.  She sent me a vivid image of her being unable to communicate with her person because her human mom’s head was so filled with ‘loud’ thought chatter.  This loudness drowned out any possibility of being heard.

Just like this wise dog who asked her person to quiet her mind so they could communicate better….when we become aware of our own brain noise and learn to let go of those thoughts which don’t serve us well, we open ourselves up to communicate with the divine wisdom of love and acceptance which is only waiting for us to let it in.


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