The Trust Pasture

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The Trust PastureAt the Osuna Ranch, all the horses get their time in the pastures every day.   Of all the pastures, there is one that borders the road and is next to the entrance.   It has a distinct vibe… some horses love it, others don’t.  The grass is perpetually green, there’s a great dirt patch for rolling, a nice tree for shade, lots of room to run around and plenty of opportunity to see the Ranch comings and goings. Yet because it’s not as quiet as the other pastures on the Ranch, it offers a challenge for some horses.  It’s why I  call it the Trust Pasture.

Whenever I put Romeo in this pasture for his turnout, he always questions me:  “Will you come get me if I start to worry?” 

Are You Listening?

Some days when I can tell he’s not so sure about my decision to put him in the Trust Pasture, I’ll go and sit with him reassurance and a sense of safety…demonstrating that he can always trust my decisions.  Other days he’s eager to dismiss me as I close the gate..wandering off to go enjoy his time alone with the grass, the trees, the birds and all the ‘outside world’ activity this pasture affords. He  trusts that I’ll be there for him if he needs it.

I think the Trust Pasture is a symbol of deep commitment, unspeakable faith and a unity of spirits.  We should all have a Trust Pasture in our lives.

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