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animal communication
The Hidden World of Nature

People ask me about communicating with animals other than pets…especially little creatures like ants or other bugs.  Is it possible and if so, how does it work?  One of my favorite books on this subject “Kinship With All Life” by famous animal trainer J. Allen Boone presents wonderful stories about his animal communication experiences with such animals as his famous actor-dog “Strongheart” as well as his unique relationship with “Freddie” the fly.  Published in 1954, it is a simple yet moving testament to the power of inter-species relationships and the profound things we can learn when we open our hearts and humble our minds.

One of my own favorite experiences with small creatures happened one day when I was challenged by Day-Three of an ant invasion in my kitchen.  At my wits end because I didn’t want to kill them and had been trying instead to divert them by spraying non-toxic bug spray in their path, I finally said “Okay!  I give up!  If you guys don’t start cooperating and do as I ask and find another route, I’m going to have to spray you!”  Their response was unexpected.  “It’s okay, there’s so many of us!  We understand! We’ll just recruit some more help”. 

I was stunned to realize that perhaps ants have a consciousness that is more group-mind than individual mind.  To them, loosing a few soldiers didn’t mean death, only a hick-up along the way.

When we realize that ours is not the only way of looking at things, we realize all God’s creatures are here to help us expand our awareness and develop tolerance, empathy and unconditional love.

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