The Unmistakable Wisdom of Animals


Animal Communication
Bella Challenging Me to Play

A couple of months ago, I had an Animal Communication session with two adorable Yorkies and their human mom.  One of her concerns was her female dog: she seemed to withhold affection.  Because loving and adoring her dogs was extremely important to her……and since the male dog was already Mr. Lovey, we spent quite a bit of time talking with the female about this.  What I found so interesting about this independent little dog was that she didn’t mind the affection….what was off-putting was the desperate energy in her mom’s insistent need for reassurance.  In her words “She needs to become more emotionally at peace.”  I suggested they make a compromise….mom would work on her emotional integrity and the dog would agree to show more affection towards someone she obviously loved.

About a month later, I had a chance meeting with the woman’s mother (who was also present during our session).  She was eager to tell me about how much more affectionate her daughter’s dog had become and how much they had all gleaned from the session.

A testament to the unmistakable wisdom of animals, I was overjoyed in hearing that a kind and loving mom to her canine companions was able to accept the profound insights from her challenging female….even if it meant she had to stretch herself.

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