The Wisdom of Horses


animal communication

I love ALL animals, big, small, domesticated, wild.  But I have never been so captivated nor so moved by another animal as I am with horses.  What is it about them that captures our curiosity and touches something so deep within us that we are at a loss for words to describe it?  It’s a question that has probably existed for as long as horses have been on the planet…..which is far longer than we have.

Horses are from another realm, they live in a dimension that is both of this world and beyond it.  They understand and embrace humans yet they maintain their own connection to all things not human.  They give us their hearts, yet they ask us to dig even deeper when giving them ours.  They teach us to be confident and patient even while we may experience trepidation and doubt when we ride them.  They allow us to dominate them even though they know we are capable of hurting them.  They submit to our wishes even though they are ten times bigger and more powerful than we are.  They stand by us and have helped our species survive for centuries… without suggesting that we harbor feelings of debt or guilt for doing so.  When we seek peace and joy through our relationships with them, they ask only that we seek it within ourselves first.

The wisdom of horses exists for all humans….whether we have horses in our lives or know of them only from a distance.

They represent the wisdom of the ages.

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