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Understanding Their World

New neighbors have moved in next door with their family of children and pets.  Yesterday when I took Bella for her walk, I noticed their dog sitting forlornly on the deck, obviously wondering what was going on.

Animals are acutely sensitive to any kind of change in their world.  Whether it’s their humans being away on a trip or the upheaval of a move, they want to be reassured that they are safe, loved and included as a vital member of the family.  When I am asked about how to help animals adjust to major changes, I remind people to treat their animals like they themselves  want to be treated. 

Talk to them, tell them all about what’s happening.  If it’s an upcoming trip, explain how long you’ll be gone, who will be caring for them while you’re away and that you will be back. If it’s a move, reassure them that the whole family is going to a new home and that you’ll do everything you can to help them feel happy and comfortable in their new environment.

When we give our animal friends the respect and love they deserve, not only do we help to make their lives joyful, we expand our own capacity to accept pure goodness as a natural part of life.

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  1. Connie
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    The service dogs I’ve raised or puppy-sat always had “the talk”, sometimes more than once, before they were turned in for advanced training. I tried to convey the changes they would see in being kenneled, training sessions they would see, and that the choice was theirs in finding their soulmate and partner. And even if they found the job of a working dog not what they enjoy, to simply convey that…..that was ok too and they could come back to me. When they did graduate I tried to communicate how proud I was and send supportive thoughts even long distance for their careers.

  2. admin
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    Dear Connie. Your words convey so much understanding and compassion. Thank you for being such a wonderful puppy-mom and human being who gives her heart and soul to the animals in your life. It is a pleasure to know you!

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