There Are No Coincidences

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The year was 1966.  I was 15 years old.  Our family had moved to ‘the sticks’ in east San Diego County and we got our first horse.  Suddenly, on February 23, my dad died of a heart attack.  Only 36 years old, his death sent our family into a tail spin.  My mom…in shock and trauma…sold the horse and tried to get our lives back on track.

Fast forward to February 23, 2009 when a young colt whose registered name was “Im Just Plain Cute” was born.  I still had Romeo at the time and didn’t realize that in just 3 and a half short years, Romey would be gone and I would meet Remington (who indeed is just plain cute; Remington is his barn name). 

Coincidence?  Those Feb. 23 dates?  I think not.  In the magical tapestry of the universe, we are all inexplicably linked, tied together like the delicate knots of a weaving.  Nothing is a coincidence and when we begin to realize that there is indeed a mystical plan….a universal knowledge that has our absolute best interest at heart….we begin to accept miracles as daily happenings.

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  1. Mary Muncil
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    Dear Debra,
    This is such a beautiful story … Thank you for this powerful reminder of our interconnectedness…just what I needed to read this morning. love, Mary

  2. admin
    | Reply

    Dear Mary, thank you for your continuous, positive observations and comments. I am most grateful for your participation with my blog!

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