They Bring Us Together

animal Communication
The Mysteries of Togetherness

I live in a neighborhood of dog people.  Lots of folks out and about every day, walking their pooches.  Recently, one of my neighbors who I usually see during my nightly walks with Bella fell ill.  Her dog Belle is a sweet and kind King Charles Spaniel who was one of the first to befriend our Bella when we first adopted her.  The last few weeks, we haven’t seen much of Belle.

Last night as Bella and I started out on our walk, I noticed someone I didn’t recognize walking Belle.  We went over and introduced ourselves; the girls were so glad to see each other.  I inquired about my neighbor and learned that she is on the mend.  I also learned that this kind woman was one of a group of people who have been coming to Belle’s home to not only help out with her human mom’s recovery, but to walk Belle around the neighborhood.  This woman commented about all the wonderful people she’s met because of Belle.

Animals have a way of bringing us together when we least expect it.  Another one of their miraculous gifts of love.

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