They Know What You’re Thinking


animal communication
Being Honest Brings Relief

I recently received an inquiry from a woman I know who is thinking of selling her horse.  Although she hasn’t formally listed him for sale, she has had several offers but is holding off until she finds the right person for him.  She expressed to me that he will not be happy when he realizes he is “for sale”.

Animals feel our intentions.  Whether we realize it or not, they usually know what we’re thinking.  Even when we are acting in their best interest, if we hide our intentions from them in order to protect them from the confusion and stress of change, we only create more stress and worry for them.  When we act instead from the perspective of honesty and integrity, we invite them to be a part of the decisions we must make to help their lives be harmonious and happy.

Living with highly telepathic individuals such as animals means we are willing to reveal our inner-most feelings and thoughts in the spirit of partnership and togetherness.  Ultimately, we learn that honesty is always the best policy.

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