They Stay With Us

Killie's Eyes

I get many requests to talk with beloved animal companions who have crossed over.  I am the first to admit that I don’t really understand how this works, I just know that it does.  If time is infinite and spirit is all encompassing than perhaps that is why the essence of those we love still exists..even after they are gone from this life. 

The first animal I ever painted was Kilauea, our feisty and purposeful brown tabby who insisted she be depicted as anything but dull brown…. “Bright Orange would be better”.  She was forever striking a pose….a deliberate attempt I finally realized to get me to paint her.  She was a wee bit of a thing….perhaps 5 pounds.  But what a force.  My favorite portrait of her I titled “Killie’s Eyes”….it captured those enormous green windows to her soul. It’s one of those paintings I’ll never sell.  Every time I walk by it….it’s in our dining room, I stop and think of her and  how much I miss her…she’s been gone only a few months.


My favorite photograph is of her playing hide and seek in the cat tree in my studio.  It reminds me that even though she may be partially hidden from me now, she is always looking out at me…always with me.


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  1. dogear6
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    Nice post. I’ve been enjoying Jon Katz’s comments on losing Rose. He doesn’t diminish her loss, but he also is not tied up into it either. It’s a good balance.

    I followed you over from the January 1 post on White Feather Farm. I’m so glad you left a blog address so I could check yours out!

    Here’s my blog post on my cats being gone (dead). With three dogs, I’m not in a hurry for another cat, but I do miss them.

    Happy New Year!


  2. admin
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    Nancy, I too like what Jon Katz writes about Rose and all the other critters on his farm. His perspective is enlightening for us all!

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