Those Special Souls


animal communication
Scooter and Jo

I have written about my special relationship with Scooter, the horse I leased after Romeo died.  Without Scooter, I wouldn’t have been able to meet Remington, my new equine sweetheart.  Scooter gave me the gifts of unconditional love, limitless patience, Zen-like peace, a generous heart and boundless confidence as a rider.

When my lease ended this week, I was concerned that Scooter find another person who would not only lease him (thereby helping out his mom), but who would love him for the special, one-of-a-kind fellow that he is.  As fate would have it, just a few days ago a wonderful, kind and up-beat woman came to the ranch for lessons…fell in love with Scooter and is now leasing him.  They are perfect for each other and she is over-the-moon for him.  They are two special souls who have found each other….meant to be.  This photograph of them together reflects the joy they share.

When we trust in what we know is right; when we open ourselves to the power of goodness and light…..we connect with a divine, all-knowing source.  We are able to embrace our own special soul….and find others who are equally as special.

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