Timing Is Everything….or is it?

animal communication
Oscar Communicating

When’s the best time to talk with your animal?  (I am asked that question often.)

The answer’s pretty simple:  when you are most available to listen.  The art of conversation is  about being a good listener, especially when it comes to telepathic communication.  Animals are talking with us all the time with their soulful eyes, their expressive body language and their vibe.

Example:  You know when your dog is ready for the walk, right?  (I know, I know…..he’s ready all the time!) Sure signals are: his tail wags uncontrollably, he looks at you with absolute delight and anticipation, maybe he goes and gets the leash. This is a simple example, but the meaning is the same: animals want to communicate with us all the time…..it’s much easier for them when we focus on staying quiet enough to really hear them.

animal communication
Bella Talking Loud and Clear


The next time you want to talk with your animal about something, open not only your ears, but your heart, your head and your soul.  And then trust the first thing that comes to you.  It’s usually right.


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