Tis’ The Season

Poinsettia Raindeer

Our neighbors have a wonderful tradition of displaying poinsettias during the holiday season in these delightful wooden reindeer holders.  Bursting with joyful color and cheer, when I took these photos I thought of a question I’ve been asked by friends and clients:  What do animals think about Holiday times versus Regular times?  Do they experience this time of year any differently than we do?

Of course they do…..they see us dashing about, busy, sometimes cheerful, sometimes stressed, but mostly preoccupied.  They also wonder what all the fuss is about.

Hidden Reindeer

When I’ve talked with animals about “The Holidays” they are mostly flummoxed by them.  They know something’s up; they realize their human family is too busy sometimes for the daily walk,  the morning chat or the pleasurable grooming.  But for the most part they just go with the flow.  Living in the moment is what they do best.  They are just grateful for the pats on the head, sleeping on the bed, special carrot treats, private moments with their person and feeling special whenever it can happen.

The real meaning of “Tis The Season” for them is every day they can spend precious time with us.

It’s a wonderful reminder to celebrate every day like it’s a holiday.





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