Treats or no treats?


animal communication

I use treats with my animal buddies.  I also use affection.  It’s not so much a training method as it is a way to behave with them.  Rewarding them for not only doing what is asked but rewarding them for just being who they are is a powerful way to bring out the true best in anyone.

In the same way that I tell me husband how much I love him or I let a friend know how grateful I am for our friendship, showing appreciation is a pure act of goodness.  It showers kindness and love on the recipient and  induces receptivity and gentleness in the one giving it out. 

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  1. Kelly French Trierweiler
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    What a lovely post, Debra, and your words are so true. I am working on getting my teaching certification; one of the things that all of my EDU classes emphasize is that a kind, respectful, caring teacher will have students who achieve far more than those of a teacher who treats the kids like robots. Whether it’s children, animals, or our loved ones, appreciation grows its own garden. 🙂

  2. admin
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    Hi Kelly, thanks for your tender and enlightening reply. I’m sure you will be such a wonderful teacher….how very fortunate for those students who will be studying under your sensitive tutelage!

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