Tree Hugger

inter-species communication

I am a tree hugging, flower sniffing, grass rolling kinda girl.  I feel a connection with all of nature’s delightful creatures.  Today a tree-trimming crew appeared outside my office window, ready to take down a few of the old eucalyptus trees across the street.  They had been slated for removal…considered diseased.

I said a prayer of kindness and thanks for these majestic beings who were giving up their lives.  It was difficult not to feel grief for their passing….but when I tuned into their spirits, I could sense they knew this day would come and were humbly ready to give up that space so other trees, grass, flowers could grow in their spot.

When we respect and have reverence for all life, be it trees, people, animals, clouds… something in us shifts.  We become soft, gentle, grateful.  We become complete.

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  1. Connie
    | Reply

    I’m always flummoxed when I face the question on a form what religion I am….raised Catholic but NOT….Judeo-Christian/Bahai/Pantheist best describes me but doesn’t fit in the spot.
    I should send you the photo of me hugging my Euch goodbye that the neighbor determined was half on his side of the property line and wanted it gone.

  2. admin
    | Reply

    Hi Connie. Oh! So true. Please do send me the photo of you hugging your tree. I’m sure it was a most appropriate and loving send-off to your leafed friend.

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