True Partnerships Make Animals Happy

animal communication
Gail and Remington

As with humans, animals seek healthy relationships.  Having those with whom they can form honest, loving partnerships promotes respect, fun and trust for everyone involved.  I am blessed to have great partnerships with all my animal friends, but I am twice blessed for having something more with my horse Remington.

animal communication
Gail and Remington Doing a Side-Pass


One of the most important parts of his life right now is not just our bond, but his training.  Having a good relationship with his trainer is vital to his development, his self esteem and his happiness.  Fortunately, the added bonus from which we are both blessed is that he absolutely adores his trainer, Gail Willis.  She is strict, but fair.  Kind, but no nonsense.  Incredibly knowledgeable, but humble.  Quick to correct, but never holds a grudge.  These photos show the connection between Remington and his ‘other mom’, the ease with which they ride evident in the way they move together in grace and harmony.

animal communication
Gail and Remington, Posting Trot

Not all Remy’s training days are this easy (there are those times when he isn’t paying attention or having a harder than usual time figuring out what Gail is asking of him), but overall, their partnership is one I am so very proud of.  To know that Remington has such a good relationship with someone who is so vitally important in his life….fills my heart with joy. 

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