Trust Your Instincts


Blue Heron
Following His Instincts

Animals have a hidden language based on their blessed way of understanding the universe without questioning it.  Using their instincts, they communicate their wants, needs and opinions in a way which requires only that we listen with our hearts, not our heads.  This silent language may seem at first challenging for us to understand, but when we eliminate doubt and instead trust the natural, all powerful connection we have with all life, we begin to hear with an intuitive ear.

One of the most basic principles of telepathic inter-species communication is to believe the first thing that comes to you when interacting with an animal.  If you are incorrect, you’ll know it by the presence of a disquieting feeling in your gut.  When the communication is clear and honest, you’ll know it by a calming feeling of ‘right-ness’ in your gut.

Animals teach us to trust our instincts.  It’s one of the reasons we are so drawn to them….they remind us that we carry the seeds of ancient wisdom within us.

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