Trust Your Intuitive Wisdom, It’s Always Right

animal communicationA few years ago, I was contacted by a couple who’d been referred to me for animal communication.  They wanted me to talk with their Chinchilla “Jasmine”.  There were no pressing issues with her; they simply wanted to make sure she was happy with her life.  I’d never met a chinchilla let alone talked with one, so I was thrilled to have the opportunity.

When I arrived at their home, I was surprised to meet a sweet little fluff ball of fur who had an agenda of things she wanted to talk about. First on her list: the matter of her humans wanting to pick her up and cuddle……”They smell” she informed me politely.  She requested that they wash their hands before handling her…..however the images she was sending me were of human hands covered with what looked like cake flour.  “Okay”, I thought, “I’m going to sound like a real nut if I tell them to wash their hands in flour.”  However, I’d made a promise many years ago to the animals I work with:  I’ll always follow my intuition and convey their messages, even if it sounds completely off the wall. 

I told this young couple about the cake flour and they burst out laughing.  “Do you see the box over there on the floor?” they asked.  “That’s chinchilla dust.  Chinchillas use this dust to clean themselves.  It keeps their fur from matting and they love it!”    Of course!   The hands covered in white “flour”!  Jasmine wanted them to “wash” their hands in the dust before they picked her up.  This would neutralize the natural oils on their skin, thereby leaving no scent behind on her beautiful fur.

I have told this wonderful story many, many times…’s a great reminder to follow our instincts and always trust our intuition even if our logical left brain is screaming “You’re crazy!”

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