Trust Yourself

animal communication

We all have our doubts…about life, the weather, finances, health, loved ones.  Perhaps it’s a human condition.  Perhaps it’s not.

I recently had a powerful experience that involved doubt.  For months, I was questioning a decision I’d made about my horse Remington.  It was a simple decision about using a different saddle.  At the time it didn’t seem to matter much.  But as the weeks went by, the new saddle became progressively uncomfortable.  Instead of following my instincts about using my original saddle (which I’d used on Romeo and Scooter , and which could be fit to both me and my horse) I persevered, thinking I just needed to get used to a different saddle.  Deep, underlying distress began to manifest into insomnia, digestive troubles and the kind of despair that comes when we don’t follow our hearts.  (Not to mention the increasing yet subtle messages from my sweet, young horse who was becoming more distracted under saddle).

When I finally sat myself down and listened to my gut, I realized I hadn’t been trusting my self.  And more importantly, I hadn’t been listening to my horse. I wasn’t trusting my own instincts about not only saddle fit, but about the deep connection between me and the animal I love so much.  As soon as I had this realization, made the decision to have my original saddle fit to Remy and began riding him in comfort, my inner despairs were gone.  And my horse was happy, relaxed and comfortable.

Animals help us in so many ways.  When we listen to them, we listen to ourselves.  When we trust our loving connection with them, we allow them to teach us how to trust ourselves.

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