Trusting In the Universe

animal communication

There are times when life tests us to the max….when our faith in a positive outcome is put on the line.  The past few weeks have been that for me as my horse Romeo faces recovery from laminitis and I deal with a rotator-cuff injury.  I’ve had to hire a (wonderful) groom to manage my beloved Romey’s daily care while I stand humbly by, my arm in a sling….feeling guilty and frustrated that I am letting us both down…my heart breaking as I watch him shift his weight to avoid the pain in his feet.

Wanting to give my boy reassurance, I was finally able to have a heart to heart talk with Romeo yesterday in which he reminded me that he doesn’t know the outcome of this current challenge any more than I do.  But what we do have is a most profound bond of the heart….a connection that goes beyond anything of this earth and which allows us both to trust in the universe.

This trust is how animals live their daily lives…never questioning an outcome.  They remind us daily that we too can live within that trust.

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