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The Essence of Flower

I did an animal communication session a couple nights ago for a remarkable family who is loosing their cherished dog after a long and joyous life with them.  How poignant that her upcoming transition and their grief was a gift placed in my lap so that I could help them plan a beautiful passing for her.  I shared with them my own recent experience with Romeo and the mysteries of knowing how to trust an everlasting friendship with a beloved animal friend.

This dog’s beautiful messages to her family asked that they open themselves fully to her essence so that after she is gone, they will know exactly how to feel her, get in touch with her and to realize that her essence is the most important reason why they have loved her all these years.

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  1. Tiff
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    D, thank you for doing the communication for them.. Sadie passed today and just knowing the things she told you really made it a little easier for them… It is never easy as we know, to let go of such a loved and cherished friend…. But after you talked to her, they felt comfortable knowing she is still here in spirit… You are an amazing communicator and such a wonderful friend… Xoxox tiff

  2. admin
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    Dear Tiff…thank you for allowing me to help not only your friends, but such a remarkable dog such as Sadie. She will be missed, I know…such a powerful being like her leaves a kind of vacuum when they pass…but I also know her family will fill that void with the new-found way of relating to her in spirit. I know she will be visiting them to comfort them and help them heal.

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