Trusting The Process


animal communication
Scooter, Wise Soul

I’ve been meeting many different horses during my search for a new horse.  Thankfully Scooter, who I lease… remains a constant north star in my world, giving me reassurance that my next equine partner……will happen.  (Scooter is not for sale and is cherished by not only me, but the woman who has owned him for 12 years.)

Today after riding a truly wonderful gelding who was kind, beautiful and so responsible to his rider, I still knew in my heart it just wasn’t the right fit.  He had all the qualities I’m looking for, but what was missing was the one thing that’s most important to me:  that feeling of “”Oh! I’m home.  This is so right.”

When we allow ourselves to trust the process… and remain true to those dreams that are calling us forward, we create a kind of harmony that reverberates throughout the universe.  Animals know how to do this naturally and can show us the way if we only allow them to.

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