Trusting the Unknown


animal communication

Life has a way of presenting us with unexpected challenges.  Sometimes we must make decisions from our hearts, not knowing the outcome but being willing to trust some inner voice that says “Do it”.

I visited with a friend today who recently made the decision to move her horse.   For a variety of reasons, their previous boarding arrangement had become unacceptable and when the opportunity arose to move to a temporary location, she took it.  Not sure yet what the next step will be, she was willing to trust the unknown instead of staying in a situation that was clearly not working.  The most interesting part of our visit was speaking with her gelding about how he felt.  He made it perfectly clear that as long as his people are happy, he’s happy.  No fuss , no muss.  Animals have a way of not worrying about the future.  They are profound teachers in trusting the outcome….even if it’s unknown.

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