Trusting The Unknown

animal communication
I Miss You Boy

I’m not sure if animals think much about the unknown.  They live from moment to moment, not worrying about what’s coming next.  That doesn’t mean they don’t anticipate, because they do.  But they have an unconscious sense of trust that everything unfolds as it should.

Since Romeo’s passing I have found myself in a perpetual state of wondering what’s next…..worrying that the void which seems so overwhelming at times will eat me up with it’s uncertainty.  The last five years of my life were devoted to my beloved equine friend and in spite of all I have learned from him, I am still consumed by my human-ness.  I am thankful that even in his death, I can think of him and draw strength for trusting in the unknown…even if that strength is just for a fleeting moment of clarity.

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  1. Robin crabtree
    | Reply

    Brought tears to my eyes. That human.ness! The love that fills your heart as you cherish each day with your horse, dog and cat. You realize the love that is shared especially when one of them passes.

  2. Debra Saum
    | Reply

    HI Robin. Oh so true! And even though the love continues on, there is still the missing them. Hope all is well with you and your boys.

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