Unconditional Giving

“The fragrance always remains in the hand that gives the rose.”  Heda Bejar

animal communication

This quote reminds me of how the art of giving unconditionally comes so easily to animals……. and how my life is blessed because of the four legged fur children in my life.  Our dog Bella can’t wait in the morning when we all first wake up, to give us kisses and wags and genuine excitement for another incredibly great day with her beloved family as she excitedly hurries my husband along for the much anticipated first walk of the day with her favorite dad.

animal communication
Oscar Getting Ready for Bedtime


Our feline brothers Oscar and Felix are eager at bed time to hop up on the bed and give us a snuggle as they settle in for a good nights sleep, purring and affectionately cuddling-up to us as close as possible even when it’s in the middle of summer heat and they know they’ll soon be retreating to the foot of the bed where it’s cooler underneath the ceiling fan.

My horse Remington is always ready to give his handsome face to me for kisses and strokes while looking me straight in the eyes with the genuine joy of companionship and the look of utter adoration flooding his sweet face.

animal communication
Remington Ready for Kisses

When we give with our hearts open, hoping only for the recipient to feel our sincere and deepest gratitude….in much the same way that our animal friends give their whole selves to us….we are blessed with the eternal gift of divine peace and the genuine reassurance that love really is all there is.

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