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My Beloved Romeo

I have been riding the ups and downs of moving forward since Romeo’s passing…..something I thought I’d maneuver much easier than I have.  Because I’ve experienced the loss of many people and animals in my life, starting with my father’s death when I was 16….. and because so much of my work as an animal intuitive  involves helping others with the passing of their beloved animal friends…I figured that I’d be able to adjust to my own loss much more quickly than I have.

It is times like these when I turn to those who have taught me so much about life’s challenges…..the animals.  Animals have an indescribable, direct line to divine guidance.  They  follow an unspoken knowing….a way of understanding which is wholesome and complete in it’s ability to create harmony and balance.  They know how to trust the process and they most certainly don’t spend much time thinking about it!

The spirit of Romeo reminds me to be kind to myself and to trust that all is working out as it should.  My job is to simply listen.

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  1. Lisa
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    Debra, you lost your beloved Romeo a few days after I lost my kitty Miki. IT has been a very difficult time for both of us. Reading your blogs through this difficult time has helped me deal with my loss. Your insight is tremendous. I can only hope this pain I feel subsides over time. Thanks Lisa

  2. admin
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    Oh Lisa! I know how very close you and Miki were…I am so sorry you lost him. He was a precious friend and constant companion. I think the pain from this kind of loss doesn’t subside as much as it transforms into a gratefulness for the friendship and bond we have with our beloved animal friend. Some how we begin to understand the how and why we loved so large,so deep…and we begin to see that our life was transformed by knowing them.

  3. Connie
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    The pain never really subsides. Not for me in the 29 years since my father passing. And not, I’ve learned again in the five months TODAY of my horse soulmate, Sugar, passing. Yes, it is the listening, the acceptance, the going with the flow that you have talked about of late that we have to practice to navigate through life’s challenges and lessons.
    I love this look Romeo is giving you!

  4. Tiff
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    Hi Deb!
    Sarah went to a better place today.. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done… Learning to let go and the pain in your heart is unbearable… I know she is in a better place running around and in no pain… It’s us left behind that feel the pain and I know how difficult Romeo’s passing was and still is… BuT Romeo, like Sarah, taught us so much about unconditional love and acceptance.,,, there is nothing better than our fur kids… I miss you and hope to see ou soon xoxox call me love tiff

  5. admin
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    Dear Connie, Thank you for your steady support and loving observations. The pain of loosing our loved ones is part of life…..and death. Sometimes I think I have a handle on it, sometimes not. It is a comfort to know that we are all not alone in trying to understand it! And yes, I love this look on Romeo’s face! He was always so expressive and present….something I miss the most about him!

  6. admin
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    Dear Tiff….I am so sorry to hear about Sarah. I know how close you both were and what great girlfriends you were for each other. I also know that you gave her the chance to let you know when she was ready and that you promised her you’d also know when the time was right. You gave her the most precious gift Tiff…..not only a life with you, but a passing that was, I’m sure kind and loving. She will be in your heart always….guiding you, loving you…and teaching the other dogs how to bark as much as she could!

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