Using images to communicate, Part II

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animal communication
Miss Bella

I was interviewed today for a local newspaper regarding my new book “Animal Talk” and we discussed using images to communicate with animals.  Most people don’t realize that when we use language to express ourselves, each and every word is accompanied with an image….the left brain uses language, the right brain uses images.

Here’s an example:  You’re thinking about taking your dog for a walk…you’re in the middle of something else, but you decide that in a few minutes, you’ll get the leash and go out together.  Here comes your dog…..all excited, acting like he/she does when you say “Wanna go for a walk?”….only you haven’t said anything.  You’ve been thinking about it, picturing it in you mind.  Your  canine buddy ‘read’ your thought-pictures!

I’ll be posting more about this in the future, so for now start experimenting with sending images back and forth to your beloved animal companions as a way of communicating.  Any questions?  Post them on my blog (under ‘comments’) and I’ll gladly answer them.

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