Watching Horses

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Osuna pasture

I never tire of watching horses.  Whether it is gazing at them through the trees as they enjoy their pasture time or simply being in their presence, there is something eternally engaging in the equine form…their elegant stature, their exquisite power.  It is easy to be smitten with horses….completely over-the-moon for their mysteriousness. They trigger an ancient calling to believe in the impossible.

Romeo inspires me every day to dig deep within myself to understand him and to come be in his world.  And when I can clear my own human agenda, trust some inner pathway, quiet my mind and open my heart…..the world he takes me to is profoundly familiar…..yet so different than anything I have ever known.

Romeo grazing at Osuna Ranch

I will never tire of watching horses….for I think they hold the truth about who we are as spiritual beings.  They are masters at staying centered within the divine.


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