We All Need A Little Reassurance Sometimes

animal communication
Remington After One of Our Heart to Heart Talks

My young horse Remington has been going through a lot of changes lately.  Not only is he continuing to adjust to a growing body which experiences periods of uncoordinated awkwardness, then periods of pure, raw fitness, he is also being challenged mentally by his training program.  Holly, the woman who is leasing him (and who he loves) is taking him to shows, so he is learning more and more about how to carry himself with style, focus and grace. 

Last week, he and Holly were having some difficult lessons.  They are both still getting to know each others’ habits and quirks and several times when Remington became frustrated, I watched as he tuned her out and stubbornly refused to do what she was asking.  I decided it was time for one of our heart-to-heart chats, so after his turnout I worked with him at liberty……reconnecting on that delicious, deep level where two souls come together in a harmonious environment of love and understanding.

While we were basking in the quiet peace that followed, I talked to him. “I’ve been working really hard, mom”, he told me.  I reassured him, letting him know that not only am I enormously proud of him, but that I will always be here for him, no matter what.  I soothed him by letting him know that I am fully aware of how hard he’s been working and that Holly really loves him and knows that good things are coming as a result of their workouts…and that he doesn’t need to worry about getting it right all the time.  Sure enough, the next time he and Holly rode, it was beautiful and soft…a reflection of two individuals listening to each other.

We all need a little reassurance sometimes.  Even our animal friends, who stand by us and give us their unconditional love unceasingly….need to know that they are loved, that they are understood and that they are important beyond measure.

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