We Are Never Alone

animal communication

I was recently reminded by my horse Remington…of a most basic, yet sometimes forgotten truism.  During the last several weeks, I’ve been challenged by an old knee injury that’s flared up…preventing me from riding and curtailing my normally active days.  In pain, feeling dejected and sorry for myself…especially since I created the problem by over-working my knee and not paying attention to my body, I’ve felt alone and frustrated as I wait for the results of an MRI test.

Yesterday, however when I spent time with my sweet and gentle boy, it was obvious he was acutely aware of my predicament.  His reaction was to be quietly affectionate, respectful of my space and tender with his demeanor.  I was overwhelmed with this mature, sensitive awareness…deeply touched by his concern and his ability to set his own needs aside to give me the love and reassurance I so wanted.

It was a wake-up call for me.  Indulged in my own world of worry and fret, I had forgotten that there is always a way out; there is always support and healing available to us….in whatever form we seek.  Animals, with their highly sensitive nature and acute ability to observe even the most hidden of signals…..give us the gifts of their unconditional love and acceptance every day.  They are our divine messengers…..they reach out to us and remind us that we are always loved.  They help us remember that truly…….we are never alone.

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