We Are Their Advocates


animal communication

I recently had a most interesting conversation with a woman who boards her horse where Remington lives.  She was talking about the stress of deciding to use another veterinarian for her horse, instead of the one used by her trainer.  It may sound like a simple decision, but there is a delicate balance in the horse owner/horse trainer relationship.  Going against what the trainer recommends can be stressful for everyone. This woman wasn’t comfortable with the previous vet and was willing to follow her heart for the sake of her horse.

What helped her come to her decision was simple.  As she said, “I’m an advocate for my horse, the same way I’m an advocate for my kids.”  Her comment really struck a cord with me.  As an animal intuitive, I am blessed to meet many people who place their animal’s well-being first.  I am especially grateful to meet those who are willing to do whatever it takes to stand by the animals in their lives in order to make the best decisions for them. 

Every day our animals teach us how to become their advocates by giving us unconditional love, spiritual strength and unlimited compassion.  They represent the ultimate supporters.  Following their examples helps us become more enlightened humans.

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