What Defines Happiness?

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Animal Happiness

How do animals define happiness?  For cats, is it being able to go outside, or being confined to an inside-only life?  For dogs, is it daily walks and lots of toys or being able to lounge on the couch all day?  For horses is it large paddocks and acres of turn-outs or small stalls and someone who cares for them every day?

Animals have a gift for adjusting to the conditions of their lives, seeking happiness rather than discontent no matter what their circumstances may be.  If there is one overwhelming and common ingredient I have found in the lives of those animals who are the most happy it is this:  they are loved by their humans.  They are cherished for who they are and they are told daily how wonderful and important they are.

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  1. Connie
    | Reply

    Yes, love will make our pets happy. And loving them, I feel, is providing both a physically and an emotionally healthy and varied life with choices available to them as sentient beings. My experience with both dogs and horses is that with training and trust, when they are at liberty, …no leash, no lead rope….they absolutely glow with happiness having both their freedom and connection with us. And they didn’t betray the trust in them.

  2. admin
    | Reply

    Dear Connie. So very well described! I’m sure that the dogs and horses in your life experience tremendous happiness because of your generous and loving relationship with them.

  3. Robin crabtree
    | Reply

    They all give us such wonderful unconditional love! I am on vacation right now and missing mu dogs cats and horses so much. I need their love as much as they need mine!

  4. admin
    | Reply

    Hi Robin, Isn’t it the truth….the love we feel for our incredible animal companions goes both ways….thank goodness!

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