What Does Gratitude Have To Do With Talking to Animals?

“A single grateful thought toward heaven is the most complete prayer”.  Cotthold Ephraim Lessing


animal communication
Sophie and Oscar When He Was A Kitten

A state of grace, being grateful. expressing thanks…..there is so much written these days about the power of gratitude.  I for one believe in the magic of being grateful, the peaceful humility and genuine happiness that comes from expressing thanks for even the smallest of circumstances in my life. By cultivating an attitude of gratitude, I am able to not only face the many challenges that come along, I am able to feel peaceful, in touch with my inner spirit….at one with the universal essence of acceptance and wonder.

I have also found that gratitude is essential when communicating with animals.  When we drop our expectations about where, what, when or how to talk with our animal companions….or even with animals in the wild, and simply feel genuine gratitude towards them, we open a portal to a frequency where we can meet them on their wave length.  When we express deep thanks and reverence towards them, we open our hearts to another level of awareness; an awareness which allows us to use not only our sixth sense but our many other hidden senses as well.  Animals can feel when we enter this frequency.  They sense an openness, an acceptance, a kind of permission to connect with us in a safe and loving way.

By practicing gratitude you can attract joy, goodness, peace and fulfillment into your life………and your relationship with animals will bring you more gratification than you could possibly imagine.

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