What Does It Really Mean To Follow Your Destiny?

“A person meets his destiny on the road he took to avoid it”  Jean de La Fontaine

animal communication
Romeo and Debra

After my horse Romeo died almost 2 years ago, I was convinced that I could never love another horse the way I did Romey.  Our bond was a profound experience that changed my life……I couldn’t imagine being able to experience that again.  But when I met Scooter, a Zen-horse with a depth of peace and understanding like that of  a mystic, my heart began to heal. During the many months I leased him, Scooter showed me how to trust again.  He helped me realize that there was another horse in my future….one with whom I would have a connection like I’d never dreamed of.  animal communication

Remington is the horse that I know in my heart (despite all logic!) Romeo sent for me. And much like my relationship with Romeo, our first year and a half has been a series of ups and downs…..from injuries and set-backs to misunderstandings about his training to unsureness about our future together.  And yet here and now, as I nurse Remington through a recent injury and ready him for the move to another ranch where he will have time to heal, to just be a horse and to grow up slowly without the pressure of intense training…..I find myself having come full circle. 

animal communication

There have been times I have questioned our destiny together, arguing with the universe about why/what/how things happened the way they did.  But in the end, I have returned to my heart….that place where destiny’s voice sings it’s sweet lullaby.

Destiny is a mysterious and powerful force that, when we succumb to it’s wisdom and trust it’s ability to shape our lives for the better…….we find that we have returned to center….to the very thing we dreamed of in spite of the twists and turns it took us to get there.


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