What Happens When You Look Into The Eyes of an Animal

animal communication
“What’s that horse doing over there?”

“The eyes have one language everywhere”   George Herbert 

As humans, we rely on eye contact for communication.  Have you ever had a conversation with someone who wouldn’t look you in the eye?  Weird, huh?  You get the inkling that you don’t really know what they’re thinking or feeling even though their words may be expressive.

Animals use eye contact too, but not as their primary mode of communication.  Since they are so good at reading body language, sounds, innuendos, feelings and telepathic messages, they don’t always rely on eye contact for a confirmation that real communication is taking place.  But when they do use their their eyes to say something, it’s usually pretty obvious what they’re thinking!

animal communication
“Got The Carrots?”

Looking into the eyes of an animal happens to be one of the best ways to read them as well as one of the most powerful ways to talk to them.  With animals I meet for the first time, I’m careful how long I hold a gaze with them.  I let them warm up to my eye-talk using short, kind glances at them until I know they are getting comfortable with me.  Then I use my eyes to communicate such things as understanding,  urgency, humility, a question, emphasis of feeling, and unconditional love.  And when I want to really know what an animal is feeling, I encourage them to look me in the eyes and tell me with their own eye language.


animal communication
“When’s Breakfast?”

The next time you want to have a silent conversation with your animal friend, invite them to look at you.  Keep your eyes soft and loving and keep your mind open for whatever impressions come into it.  Hold their gaze while you telepathically send them strong feelings of love and acceptance.  You’ll be amazed at what you might pick up from them. 


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