What Is Animal Communication…Really?



I’m sometimes a bit flummoxed when asked this question….it’s a good question, actually and the answers are multidimensional to say the least.  It was on my mind this morning while Oscar and Felix were talking to me and to each other.  I was getting breakfast prepared, they were in their usual spots and they were chirping, purr-talking (that meow/purr language they use to abbreviate sentences) and it just struck me:  “Who says cats don’t talk!?”


The Boys

Sometimes animal communication is just this obvious.  Sometimes not.  Although they don’t use words to form their thoughts like we do, animals most certainly use their voice, their bodies and eye contact to convey their wants, needs and opinions.  We all learn to ‘read’ our beloved four-legged companions and don’t think twice or doubt this as communication.

Then there’s the more subtle, more mystical kind of communication.  Those times when you just know that you know what your buddy is telling you.  Or you have a dream about them and it’s an accurate message.  Or you have this overwhelming feeling about them, you follow that gut-message and sure enough you were right.  So which one’s the real animal communication?

Talking With Romeo

They all are. And the key is to just trust….trust your heart, trust your connection to those you  love and most important….trust them.  They’ll tell you exactly what’s on their mind every time, especially when they know you’ll listen.



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