What They Really Need

animal communication

Staying true to what our animal friends need can sometimes require us to follow a different path. My horse Romeo has been a master teacher in this regard.

I am an avid supporter of all things natural when it comes to horse care.  Years ago, when Romeo was challenged with acute lameness, I took his shoes off.  For over a year he was barefoot….until I finally realized that in spite of my own need for him to be “au natural”, this was just not working for him. After putting shoes back on his front feet, he was his old self…happy, sound and comfortable.

This week, I had the chance to re-learn the same lesson when it became obvious he needed shoes on the back feet as well.  Within minutes of putting those back shoes on, he was running around, showing off……letting me know how much he loved his new shoes.

I still believe in barefoot horses.  And I also know that doing the right thing means keeping an open mind.  Sometimes in order to do what’s best for our beloved animal friends, we have to let go of our own belief systems so we can open our hearts and listen to what they really need.

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