What To Do When Your Animal Friend Displays Jealousy

animal communication

A couple of days ago, I decided to brush Felix, one of our Orange Boys.  He doesn’t normally like to be brushed, but that day he was in a particularly affectionate mood and actually indulged himself in the feel of the bristles as they pulled out mounds of his shedding coat.  He was completely in the zone when his brother Oscar came over for some action.  Oscar likes to be brushed.  Whenever I brush our dog Bella he always appears, expecting some brush-time too.

Well, as soon as I started brushing Oscar, rotating back and forth between both brothers.  Brush, brush here….brush, brush there…..Felix became irate!  He pounced on his brother with obvious jealousy and then when I attempted to brush him, he fiercely pounced on my hand and the brush.

animal communication

Oscar and Felix Sharing Some Peace Time

What to do?  I knew scolding him wouldn’t work.  Felix can escalate very easily when he’s mad.  He’s the kind of cat that will fight back, not back down.  So I paused for a moment, went back to brushing Oscar while I peacefully looked at Felix and emitted kindness through my eye contact and using a gentle voice said “No fighting Felix”.  He pouted and grimaced and gave me back the stink eye, knowing I wouldn’t scold him, but also knowing he couldn’t get away with bad behavior.  He walked into the other room where I followed him, checked his energy to be sure he was starting to quiet himself down, then stroked him lovingly, told him he was a good boy (which he was for pulling himself together), then did a few more strokes with the brush and telepathically told him that we could have many more wonderful brushing sessions in the future if he behaved politely and kindly.  The whole incident took about 2 minutes, but it ended peacefully and with deep understanding.

animal communication


Animals have a wealth of emotions which are similar to ours.  We hold the monopoly over them when it comes to guilt, self-incrimination, over-analyzing (and therefore over-feeling), hatred and a few others, but there are many emotions we share with them.  As an Animal Communicator I have always found that when dealing with a challenging emotion coming from an animal (like jealousy or fear), it always works to use not only common sense, but loving kindness.  Just like us when we are feeling a negative emotion that’s making us upset, what we ultimately want is support, love and empathy, not a confrontation or a scolding.

Animals are always reminding us in one way or another that love is the only path towards harmony and goodness.  Love will always overpower any and all other feelings.  Love provides the light which heals, pacifies, nurtures and ultimately enlightens those who are sending it out as well as those who are receiving it.

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