When Animals Become Healers


animal communication

Some animals are born to greatness.  Many of us cherish our four-legged family members for the healing friendships they provide us, but there are other animals whose destiny is to become not only wonderful companions, but to enlighten millions of people about the power of love and kindness.

Once such animal is a service dog named Ricochet.  I know of Ricochet through a college of mine who has worked with her (Nedra Abramson with Reiki for All Creatures.  Nedra and I often work in tandem using my Animal Communication input and her healing touch to create individualized treatments for animals.)

When Ricochet’s owner Judy sent me this video about her beloved girl,  I knew I wanted to share it with my blog community.

I hope Ricochet’s story touches your heart and reminds you that animals know so much more about the medicinal powers of divine guidance than we might ever imagine.

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  1. Jeannie
    | Reply

    Tears are flowing after that video. Have a wonder-filled weekend.

  2. admin
    | Reply

    Thank you Jeannie. She’s a pretty special dog, isn’t she? I cried too when I watched her video.

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