When It’s Time To Let Go

animal communicationA few days ago when I showed up at the barn where Remington is stabled I noticed Mercedes, one of the older horses laying down….not always a good sign.  I kept an eye on her for a couple minutes and sure enough, she was in distress.  I was certain she was experiencing colic, so I asked her to get up which she did with some difficulty and I then started walking her.  Another woman who had also noticed her down called the women (sisters) who own Mercedes.

Colic is a very serious occurrence in horses….it is an extremely painful and stressful experience for them and also one of the leading causes of death in domesticated equines. Keeping them moving during a colic is vital to their survival.  It helps to prevent them from going down, rolling and possibly twisting their intestines.  As I was walking with Mercedes and talking to her in soothing, comforting tones I was also tuning into her; seeing how she felt about all this.  At 26 years old, this was not her first episode and I wondered about her ability to pull through it.  While keeping my own energy loving and quiet, I felt her say “I’m done you know…it’s okay. This is my time and I’m at peace with this.  Thank you for calling my people and for comforting me.”

Bless this beautiful girl who carried such wisdom and depth of acceptance.  As it turned out, they were not able to save her and the next morning, she was put down.  The sign on her paddock which the two sister posted read “She was at peace….she will be missed.” 

Animals have a powerful way of opening us up to enlightened consciousness.  Even in the face of death they can show us how to be at peace….how to accept a higher purpose and  move on with complete faith and trust.  I felt privileged that day to be with Mercedes; blessed by her presence and uplifted by her deep wisdom.  I am so grateful to have been there for her and to have been surrounded by such divine energy.

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  1. Lori Skoog
    | Reply

    Sweet girl. I am so glad you were there for her.

  2. admin
    | Reply

    Thank you Lori. I’m glad I was there too!

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