When You Hear Your Spirit Calling You


animal communicationI recently discovered a profoundly powerful new book titled “In The Field With Horses” written by Lisa Walters.  Written from the perspective of someone who not only knows horses very well but who also understands the fascinating mysteries of quantum physics, Lisa writes from the heart, showing us how we can become more in touch with our divine selves……by spending time with all animals, especially horses.  She shares easy to understand concepts of the ‘unified field’ which connects us all, combined with true stories about how she interacts with her own horses in a way that is mystical, enlightening and inspiring.  I am already on my second read of this important book and have purchased multiple copies for friends and loved ones.

Having communicated with animals my entire life, I’ve come to realize that one of the reasons we are so drawn to them is because being around them helps us return to our essence.  Animals present to us a state of being which resonates with our soul and speaks to our core.  They awaken in us the desire to know inner peace and the curiosity to find joy and wonder in our lives.  They have the uncanny capacity to help us listen when our spirits are calling us home to our rightful state of inner peace and harmony.

For horse lovers, non-horse lovers, friends, loved ones……I highly recommend this book for anyone who might want to learn more about the field of infinite possibilities and the profound opportunities for everlasting happiness that it holds for those who seek to become one with it.

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