Why Fit In?


animal communication

“Why fit in when you were born to stand out?”  Dr. Seuss

There is a sweet, beautiful Arabian mare named “Sissy” who lives next to Remington.  Living in the barn with all Quarter Horses and having won  awards as the only Arabian horse in many Western style riding shows (which is dominated by Quarter Horses) she is the shining example of how to stand out with beauty and grace.

My whole life, I have been considered ‘different, gifted, odd’…..terms that have at times haunted me and at other times humored me.  Working with animals has taught me something about fitting in or not fitting in and it is this:  Being different is wonderful!

Having the opportunity to be in the presence of so many unique, fascinating and enlightened beings from other species has helped me realize that there’s no such thing as normal.  Nature herself not only celebrates diversity, she thrives on it.  Because of all the many beautiful varieties of  plants, animals, minerals, waters, winds, skies……our world is a fascinating, enriching and healing environment in which we can live our lives to the fullest and experience the bounty of happiness and contentment.

Our animal friends remind us every day how much they love us for who we are.  They never consider us unworthy of their devotion, no matter how different we might perceive ourselves to be.  So the next time you find yourself striving to fit in, remember your animal companions.  Remember how simple it is to be yourself with them and how easy it is to accept love for being you…….just the way you are.

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