Wildlife and Domesticated Animals


inter-species communication
Mountain Lion

What’s it like to communicate with wild animals?  Is it the same as talking to our domesticated companions?

My home overlooks a designated environmental preserve where Southern California wildlife abound.  Hundreds of bird species including raptors and song birds as well as squirrels, racoons, bobcats, coyotes, deer and even the rare mountain lion make this preserve their home.  I am blessed to have such wonderful neighbors!

Communicating with them requires a slightly different focus than communicating with pets.  They are, after all wild…..talking to people isn’t their main agenda…survival is.  On the rare occasion when I am able to telepathically connect with them, I employ the same level of respect and kindness that I do when talking to domesticated animals.  Our conversations are usually brief and to the point.  Many times they are surprised that I am interested in their well-being.

inter-species communication

The next time you see a bird, squirrel or other wild creature, take a deep breath, quiet your mind, and offer them your sincere thoughts of appreciation.  Ask them if they have anything to say to you about their life and then stay open to whatever gut feeling or impression you receive.  You  might be delightfully surprised at what you get!

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