You Can’t Beat A Good Horse Day


animal communications

The weather in San Diego has been very hot lately. (as it has been for many other places!) Today I decided that I’d spend my time with Scooter taking it easy and just doing fun, relaxing stuff.  I rode him bareback in the arena and all around the property, stopping at the Kid’s Summer Horse Camp a couple times where he was swarmed by kids who wanted to pet him and give him kisses.  He was in heaven….and so were they.

animal communication

Scooter is by far the most affectionate and social horse I’ve ever met.  He is gentle, kind and beautiful in every way.  I was so very grateful for his sweet spirit today and the true connection we made….a turning point in our relationship.  It was the best ride/day we’ve had since we  met and I knew by some of the goofy  shenanigans that took place while he was in the cross-ties afterwards, Scooter had a wonderful day too.

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